Custom Teak Pitched Roof Hatches
Beautiful Teak     316 Stainless      Two Part Urethane       Laminated Safety Glass      Strong Construction
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Pitched roof hatches have been in use for decades on fine yachts. These hatches add grace and elegance two
every deck  they appear on. They let in plenty of light and air while keeping the elements out. Our hatches can be
made in many different configurations for just about any application.   
We use dove tail,  box joint and mortise and tenon construction on all our hatches. They can be made with opening
windows or built on a sub frame so  the whole hatch will raise. They can also be made as a fixed non opening hatch
Our pitched roof hatches are usually made from Teak. We use laminated safety glass and Lexan both tinted and
clear. Stainless safety bars protect the glass and all screws are silicon bronze  These hatches are very high quality
and will last a very long time.  Basic teak hatches like the one shown start at
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