Custom Low Profile Hatches For Tight Quarters
Low profile hatches are usually made for areas behind the mast where boom vangs might hit a pitched hatch cover.
They are also useful on cabins tops where small boats might be stored. These hatches are very strong and can have
a variety of windows installed including clear safety glass and tinted safety glass depending on the application. Total
height can be kept to about 3 inches high. The safety rods are made with 316 stainless steel and fitted with box nuts
on each end. They can all be removed for a glass replacement and replacement of bad or damaged rods. A person
of average weight can stand on the rods and they will not bend or collapse. We finish the these hatches covers with
twelve coats of two part urethane. These hatch covers are very strong and look fabulous.    
Beautiful Teak      316 Stainless     Two Part Urethane     Laminated Safety Glass     Strong Construction
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