Grate Tables
This is a standard end table or chair
side table. It comes in four general
16"X16"X16" high   $356.  Teak
24"X24"X16" High   $456.  Teak
36"X36"X16" High   $556.  Teak
48"X48"X16" high   $675.  Teak
Other heights are available for your
special needs at your request. This a
basic design. Corner and edge
treatment and can be changed also.
General purpose tables and end tables.
Cocktail table with folding leafs.
This is a grate little table for all around use. It combines simplicity and elegance all in one.
This table is tall enough to comfortably play games on or use as a refreshment table. They
are unique and very pleasing to the eye. Our cocktail tables are made from solid one inch
thick teak and finished with very high quality Interlux Goldspar satin urethane high in UV
protection. It is commonly used on both yard and boat decks. This table is available in three
standard sizes.

24"W X 24"L X 22" High Open  
24"W X 36"L X 22" High Open
32"W X 36"L X 22" High Open

Other sizes and heights can be made at your request. Corner and edge treatments can be
changed also at your request.
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D. Mittendorf
D. Mittendorf
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Folding Tables For Easy Storage
This is an awesome little table for all around use
at home, out doors or on the boat. We build
them in Oak, Teak and Mahogany. They are
very sturdy, light weight and extremely portable.  
You can fold them or open them in five seconds.
They are finished with eight coats of clear
urethane to let the true beauty of the wood grain
come through. The top is assembled with
mortise and tenon just like all of our grates.
Every joint is epoxied and clamped in our
vacuum bags. Top quality all the way through.
24"L X 24"W X 22"H

Oak $395.00
Teak $495.00
Mahogany $450.00

32"L X 32"W X 31"H

Oak $495.00
Teak $695.00
Mahogany $595.00
Bar tables, deck tables and dinning tables.
Our bar, deck and dinning tables are very unique
and always look sharp in any setting. Their simple
elegant design and natural finish sets them apart
from other nautical furniture. The tops columns
and feet are easily separated for seasonal
storage. Laminated safety glass or acrylic tops
can be added for bars or commercial use. Tops
are available in round,square, hex and oval. All
tables are assembled with mortise and tenon and
all joints are epoxied and clamped in our vacuum
bags. Top quality all the way.
Oak             32"W X 31"H      $495.00
            36"W X 31"H      $595.00
            48"W X 31"H      $695.00

Teak           32"W X 31"H       $795.00
           36"W X 31"H       $895.00
           48"W X 31"H       $995.00

Mahogany 32"W X 31"H         $595.00
          36"W X 31"H        $695.00
          48"W X 31"H        $795.00

Any height  same price 31" 36" 41"