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The teak was carefully selected to be free of natural
defects and to posses as much natural coloration as
possible for an interesting grain in the final product.
The straightest grained boards will be used for the actual
grate and the remaining pieces will be used for the side
panels. All the material was planed to 1" thick.
The goal is to build a cockpit grate with a 1"X1"
mesh that will cover the complete sole and fit
perfectly. It will be left natural, have crisp edges
and edge trim panels .
A master template is made with the exact
dimensions of every detail that will effect how and
where the grate will fit.
It will also contain the number and shape of all the
panels needed to complete the floor cover. After
the master template is completed it is usually test
fitted to the boat if possible to confirm the style and
placement of the trim edges.
All the stock is trimmed with a track saw to
minimize wasted material and it's quieter and
catches most of the dust created while
cutting.         The Festool we use is very accurate
and is also used in several other steps.
All edges are cut square and the first line up slot is
cut into the end of the group of pieces being cut.
This slot must be perfectly square because it will
effect the alignment of all the rest of the slots
being cut in this group. Misalignment of 1/2 of one
degree will usually produce junk parts very quickly.
The actual length of the pieces varied from 9
inches to 9 feet 6 inches. Cutting the slots for the
main runners is the first step and the most
important one because all the other parts will be
indexed to the main runners. These runners are 9
feet six inches long.
The main runners are slotted and ready to be cut
to width and put on the master template
Tenons are rough cut and trimmed with the
track saw when grate is assembled and epoxy
The pieces being set up on the master template.
As you can see there are a few parts to keep track
of so they make it into the right place.
Fitting the grates together  for final fit before
applying epoxy for permanent assembly.
Every piece is checked for proper fit
The grate has been assembled and put into the
vacuum bag for clamping. The vacuum bag
developed about 1750 pounds of pressure per
square foot.
The grate assembly is complete and now ready
for the epoxy work.
Mortise holes being cut into the trim board to fit
the  epoxied grate in background.
Final assembly of the trim edge clamped
Finished product ready for
installation on the yacht.
This is a really BIG grate for
a really big boat. 44" X 118"
The finished grate installed on
the Yacht Silver Sea
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Beneteau 473 Teak Cockpit Grate