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About Us
Shop Location
We are located in one of the busiest yacht
yards on the Merrimac River at Newburyport,
MA.Most anything you could possibly need for
your yacht can be found here or very near by at
the local chandeleries.
Services Available
If you are planning a major repair or update to
your yacht almost anything can be done here.
Wood, glass ,paint, electrical, mechanical and
canvas are all local to our shop. All services
are performed by skilled personnel and
Associates and vendors
Looking for a yacht or selling yours? This
could be the place to buy or sell. We can help
you clean yours up and make it looks it's best
so you get the best price.
There is a great area network ready to help
you from stem to stern.
Yacht Components Are Our Speciality
We have just completed
the first phase of
restoration on the 56 Chris  
Craft below. Engine,  
Electrical and running gear
are soon to follow.
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New DVD. How To Build Cockpit Grate.
45 Minutes Of Professional Instruction
For Only $22.95. To order now
Call The Yacht Shop At (978)618-4854.