This is a 1974 Revel Craft Express Cruiser or a
1974 Chris Craft Express Cruiser In Disguise
This is actually a 1974 Revel Craft, but if you take a real
close look at the hull and deck you will see that it is almost
an exact copy of the Chris Craft Express Cruiser of the
same year. The boat is 30' and a single screw driven by a
230 HP Ford 351 engine. The interior is a little different
than the Chris Craft but still very well laid out. We will be
going through this boat from stem to stern, port to
starboard and keel to cabin top. It will be a great cruiser
and fishing platform. Most of the tools, materials and work
will be well documented and photographed as we go along
so you may want to bookmark this site for the future.